StartupCafe Academy brings people together in the offline and online world. It has been started with just one simple thought: to Share, Learn, Collaborate and Grow together. When we grow together and pursue our passion, we’re at our best and that’s what StartupCafe does.

It brings people together to Discover, Teach and Learn!

We at StartupCafe Academy are socially engaged for Internet technology, film making, digital marketing, photography, social impact, life sciences, digital marketing, travel, startups, and innovation.

The journey started with an idea of having at least, one digital marketer in every house of India, and within a span of few months, we’re on a road trip.

Yes, we have seen length and breadth of our incredible country, not just to travel, but to educate young minds and make them understand the important of Digital Marketing.

We have trained, at least, a hundred thousand young minds, letting them know the ways to make a constructive use of internet.

To deliver the right information, we have ensured that, first we are having the core knowledge of every related subject.

Our Experience Reflects in our Teaching!


We also provide free meet-up space for those who want to spread their knowledge and share their experiences for community growth without any fee.

We Regularly Do Following Activities:

  • Free meet-ups and workshops
  • Discussion over Coffee
  • Round table discussion between industry experts
  • Interviews
  • Paid training and workshops
  • Job and Business ready courses
  • On Job Training
  • Job assistance
  • Startup consultancy