Digital Marketing is almost a household name now. Thanks to the advancement in the tech world, and affordability of smartphones and data packs.

It has become need of the hour for businesses. To run a successful business, one has to go through digital marketing procedure. Otherwise, they will be tagged as outdated.

Digital Marketing

There are a bunch of different yet interconnected fields which all arrange under this single term named, Digital Marketing.

Let’s break down the big term and start with them one by one.

What is Digital Marketing?

It’s a procedure to market a product over the internet, i.e., digitally.

Usually the procedure includes,

  • 1. Creating a Website or an App
  • 2. Creating social profiles for the Website or the App
  • 3. Creating quality content (text, pictures, and videos) regularly
  • Optimising the content and website as per SEO norms.

Depending the expertise in a given department, a person becomes expert in one of those.

A Digital Marketing team can have a Social Media Manager, a Content Creator, a Website Developer, and an SEO. Depending on the expertise of individual, all these departments can be handled by a single person or the team.

Let’s start with the different departments which fall under this umbrella term, Digital Marketing.

Web Developer

A person skilled in writing code to create web applications and websites which work with the norms set by the internet regulators. He/she can be expert in a given programming language or many.

App Developer

A person skilled in developing applications, specific to the smartphones and mobile phones. As per the growing smartphone users, the app development market is growing like anything.

Social Media Manager

Social presence can’t be ignored these days and the person expert in handling these social platforms is perfect for this position. He/she can either be expert in handling all popular social media platforms or a one or two.

Content Writer

Text is still a powerful medium to deliver a message or pass-on the information from one place to another. A content writer can put something in the form of meaningful text with the intent to promote a service or a product or share his/her expertise on a particular topic.

Photoshop Editor

Images are 1000 times powerful than text, especially in case of social media. Hence, an expert Digital Marketing team need to have a Photoshop expert.

Video Editor

As the mobile data is becoming cheap and public Wi-Fis are increasing in number, the demand for video content is increasing. It will soon overtake the information consumption in any other format and is already become common man’s favourite.
To create video content and market your product or service, you probably need either a single person or a team (depending on the quality and length of the video content) who can record videos in a set format and later edit them.

Email Marketer

Sure the Social Media Marketing is taking over all other platforms but, the email marketing is still hanging well. For a good number of products, email marketing still brings better conversions.
The dedicated Email Marketing expert’s job is to try and increase email sign-ups and regularly share quality content with the subscribers. Not to forget, he/she has to intelligently promote the product or the service too.

SEO Expert

As we still use Google to search for information over the internet, the demand for SEO expert is still there. The job profile includes skills to improve the ranking of a particular website in Search Engine Result Pages (SERPs).

PPC Expert

As Search Engines are not going anywhere for now, we do need PPC Experts who can take care of the paid listings of your product/service website at SERPs. Google AdWords is one popular PPC platform but, there are many others as well.

Affiliate Marketer

An Affiliate Marketer needs to learn a bunch of fields from the aforementioned. He/she has to write quality content, do social media promotion well, and take care of the SEO rankings in order to bring better affiliate conversions. An expert person in this field is an expert in content creation.

Online PR

A person or a team who can take care of everything I’ve mentioned above and run a campaign as per client’s requirements. In most of the cases, Online PR have team of people expert in different aforementioned fields.

These are the most popular fields or departments under Digital Marketing but, surely, these are not all. Depending on the individual platform or the task, a new field can be categorized, having a niche specific expert.

Example – There are people specifically expert in Domaining, Server handling, WordPress management, etc.

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